Nervfit and MyCLNQ Announce Collaboration to Expand Technology Driven Preventive Healthcare in India

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], July 2: Nervfit, a prominent player in wearable technology, and MyCLNQ Health Singapore, a leader in digital health solutions provider, are thrilled to announce their strategic collaboration to launch an innovative ‘Technology-Enabled Care’ (TEC) system in India. This partnership, with an investment of 100 crores over 3 years, will combine Nervfit’s expertise in fitness tracking smart devices, with MyCLNQ advanced health monitoring capabilities, to deliver cost effective and all-encompassing solutions, catering to the health & fitness goals of all Indians.

Piyush Pathak, CEO of Nervfit, shared his views on the occasion and commented that, “We are highly optimistic and confident that our collaboration will empower our users with MyCLNQ advanced health monitoring features. This synergy will provide the Nervfit community with a digital platform to effectively manage their fitness goals, leveraging next-generation AI and ML through an easy and intuitive interface.”

Bharat Maheshwari, CBO of MyCLNQ Health India, further added, ” Collaborating with Nervfit marks a significant milestone in our mission to promote preventive healthcare through innovative health tech solutions in the Indian market. Together, we are redefining the benchmark for intelligent wearables, tailored to meet the diversified demands of our discerning consumers.”

To commemorate this strategic alliance, both Nervfit and MyCLNQ are launching exclusive promotions for early adopters. The conglomerates have invited their users and interested stakeholders to stay tuned and explore their social media platforms, online marketplaces, and websites for exciting deals and updates that will unveil very shortly.

Nervfit’s CTO, Sanjay Kumar, stated that in the near future, Nervfit is set to launch medical-grade devices that will make collecting and utilizing health- related information very easy ways. These smart devices will securely track your complete health and fitness information, enabling you to use this data at any time to improve your health. With the use of artificial intelligence, the data can be viewed in new dimensions.

Farzan Siddiqui, CTO of MyCLNQ Health, further added,” As India embraces these cutting-edge technologies, this partnership emerges as a cornerstone in delivering efficient, scalable, and patient-centric holistic healthcare solutions nationwide.”

Pragnesh Patel, CSO of MyCLNQ Health India, also commented that,” Tech-enabled healthcare is empowering both patients and healthcare providers through innovations like smart wearables and telemedicine platforms, as we have already witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

During the collaboration announcement, the discussions also highlighted the significant prominence of Technology-Enabled Care (TEC) in India, as advancements in digital health solutions continue to revolutionize the healthcare landscape. With innovations ranging from smart wearables to telemedicine platforms, TEC is empowering patients and healthcare providers alike. This transformative shift towards digital health not only enhances accessibility and convenience but also improves patient outcomes through real-time monitoring and personalized care.

About Nervfit

Nervfit, by Bluemorph Brands Pvt.  Ltd., is a fast-growing startup in fitness technology, committed to crafting innovative products that elevate physical well-being and foster a healthier lifestyle. Grounded in precision and user- centric design, Nervfit is consistently setting new standards within the wearable technology sector in India. Bluemorph Brands is based in Bangalore with operations across 5 locations in India.

About MyCLNQ

MyCLNQ Health, a national award-winning HealthTech company headquartered in Singapore, operates in over eight countries. Specializing in connected health and sustainable holistic solutions for curative and preventive care. They operate the comprehensive “MyCLNQ” ecosystem, a unified platform catering to diverse family healthcare requirements. The AI- powered mobile app emphasizes telemedicine, mHealth, and eHealth services, aiming to deliver cost-effective healthcare in a supportive, age- friendly setting for optimal patient care.

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