Arun Bendkhale: A Candidate for Two Constituencies

New Delhi (India), June 19: In the bustling political landscape of Maharashtra, one candidate stands out not just for his dual candidacy but also for his extensive experience and promises of reform. Adv. Arun Bendkhale, a seasoned advocate and former educator, is vying for the Mumbai Teachers’ Constituency as well as the Mumbai Graduates’ Constituency in the upcoming MLC elections of 2024. His campaign, rooted in decades of service to education and community welfare, outlines a comprehensive agenda aimed at addressing crucial issues affecting teachers and graduates alike.

Educational and Professional Background

Adv. Arun Bendkhale’s journey is a testament to his deep-rooted commitment to education and legal advocacy. With over 31 years of experience as a junior college lecturer in Sociology and Economics, including a tenure as Vice Principal at Abhinav Junior College, Bhayander, his expertise in educational matters is profound. His contributions extend beyond the classroom; he served on the Board of Studies for Sociology in Maharashtra’s secondary and higher secondary education, authored textbooks for class XI and XII, and earned an M Phil in Sociology from the University of Mumbai in 1988.

Since 2014, Adv. Bendkhale has practiced law at the Bombay High Court, championing legal causes that intersect with education and societal welfare. His role as Legal Advisor for the Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association (MSWA) underscores his commitment to community service and legal advocacy on broader societal issues.

Political Aspirations and Vision

Running as an independent candidate in both constituencies, Adv. Arun Bendkhale has articulated a clear vision for his candidacy. His platform addresses a spectrum of concerns crucial to teachers and graduates:

  • Educational Reforms: Advocating for the removal of restrictive voting conditions for retired teachers, ensuring their fundamental right to participate in elections.
  • Financial Welfare: Proposing tax-free pensions for retired teachers and advocating for a 20% increment in pension at specified stages.
  • Healthcare: Calling for comprehensive medical allowances or a cashless mediclaim policy for all teachers, both active and retired.
  • Educational Benefits: Pushing for free higher and professional education for teachers’ children and opposing the exploitation of teachers with anti-educational tasks.
  • Housing and Employment: Pledging to secure government housing for teachers and advocating for better employment opportunities through skilled education and training for graduates.

Campaign Strategy and Community Engagement

Adv. Arun Bendkhale’s campaign strategy reflects his grassroots approach and extensive community engagement. His election materials emphasize his deep ties to Mumbai’s educational and cooperative society landscapes, showcasing endorsements from various educational and cooperative housing associations where he has served in advisory and leadership roles.

His proactive stance on issues affecting teachers and graduates has garnered support from diverse segments of society, resonating particularly well with those who prioritize education reform and social justice.


As Maharashtra prepares for the MLC elections, Adv. Arun Bendkhale emerges as a candidate with a distinctive blend of educational expertise, legal acumen, and a genuine commitment to community welfare. His candidacy for both the Mumbai Teachers’ and Graduates’ Constituencies underscores his holistic approach to addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by these communities. If elected, Adv. Bendkhale promises to leverage his extensive experience to advocate vigorously for policies that enhance educational standards, improve teachers’ welfare, and foster the overall development of graduates in Maharashtra. His campaign serves as a testament to the power of dedicated advocacy and grassroots mobilization in shaping the future of education and community welfare in the state.

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