Iconic Fusion: Maison De Couture partners majoliX Global

New Delhi [India], May 21: In a unique collaboration poised to relook the landscape of contemporary fashion, “Maison De Couture,” the renowned French luxury fashion house, joins hands with “majoliX Global,” a new age consulting and digital solutions organization dedicated to promoting Indian products, services, and management expertise worldwide.

This collaboration heralds an era of synergy between the unique legacy of Maison De Couture (MDC) in luxury fashion and the forward-looking digital solutions envisioned by majoliX Global. Together, they promise to instill a new way of looking at fashion within India, a dynamic hub of global commerce and the world outside. In keeping with this focus, Mr Michael Mili (Co-founder & CEO of majoliX Global), Jay Kamdar (CEO & President of MDC) and Richard LeJeune (VP & Exec Director of MDC) are visiting various parts of the country: their current focus being the renowned “Eri-Muga” silk of Assam.

The strategic partnership sets its immediate sights on three key initiatives:

1. International Fashion Education: Introducing prestigious fashion courses from Maison De Couture, Paris to fashion institutes across India, providing aspiring designers a global perspective to fashion and an access to world-class education and training. These courses will have a special focus on creativity and innovation, nurturing the next generation of young fashion designers of India.

2. Digital Learning: In addition to physical institutes, the collaboration will be leverage digital platforms by launching Online and App-based learning modules on international fashion. This initiative seeks to democratize fashion education, making “global fashion” accessible to a wider audience across India. Through interactive and immersive content, fashion enthusiasts can hone their skills and knowledge from anywhere, at any time.

3. Special focus on ethnic Indian fabric like “Eri-Muga”: Furthermore, the collaboration will be launching western wear crafted from unique Indian fabrics like Assam’s prized “Eri-Muga” silk, to international markets. This unique fusion of French haute couture and traditional Assamese craftsmanship promises to redefine luxury fashion, offering exquisite pieces that marry elegance with sustainability.

Mr Michael Mili (Co-founder & CEO, majoliX Global), highlights the huge potential of launching exquisite haute-couture fashion wear from local ethnic Indian fabrics like “Eri-Muga” silk and also the need to preserve and promote traditional and dying art-forms which the younger generations across the globe are sadly ignoring the “heritage” of their ancestors. Mr Jay Kamdar (President & CEO, Maison De Couture) detailed how their organization is focusing on “sustainability” through their haute couture designs, fashion garment and exquisite jewelries and reviving various dying fashion forms across countries like Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines etc. 

Mr Richard LeJeune (VP & Exec Director, Maison De Couture), an indigenous native American himself, reiterated how the youths across the world are not carrying on the “beauties” of traditions and how many unique cultures are getting wiped out, and how critical it is for all of us to retain our “histories”. Michael also spoke about how majoliX Global is looking at making a transformation impact in the world of management and fashion through it’s expertise in digital technology and consulting.

In this context, open sessions and fashion shows were held in New Delhi and Guwahati from May 9 to May 18 to offer an exclusive glimpse into this transformative collaboration. The show and sessions facilitated the:

1. Unveiling of Maison De Couture’s select haute couture collections.

2. Sharing of insights by the key leaders of majoliX Global and Maison De Couture on the vision driving their partnership, their strategies, ambitious roadmaps and aspirations for the fashion industry in India and beyond.

Maison De Couture and majoliX Global will also be premiering the global MDC Fashion Design and “Beauty Pageant” competitions across five defined zones of India starting from Guwahati,

Assam from the month of September 2024 followed by the National finale in New Delhi. The winners of the contests will then go further to compete for MDC Miss Asia and MDC Miss World.

The senior officials of “majolix Global” and “Maison De Couture” reiterated their commitment to fostering the growth and development of young fashion designers, models, craftsmen and aspiring artists of all art forms across India. Through their expansive global platform, they aim to provide these emerging talents with unparalleled opportunities to showcase their creativity and craftsmanship on an international stage. Their collaboration is designed to nurture the next generation of Indian fashion and artistic visionaries, offering them resources, mentorship, and exposure that are essential for their professional growth.

By leveraging their combined expertise and industry connections, “majolix Global” and Maison De Couture seek to create a supportive ecosystem where young artists can thrive, innovate, and gain recognition. Their collaborative efforts will not only elevate the profiles of individual talents but also contribute to the broader cultural and artistic heritage of India, promoting it globally and ensuring that fresh, innovative voices are heard and “celebrated” in the world of fashion and art.

(For more details about this interesting journey of Maison De Couture and majoliX Global, one can email to info@majolix.com )

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