Siddhant Goenka releases Jaanley which pours heart and soul into every beat

Kolkata (West Bengal), April 23: Siddhant Goenka, emerging from Kolkata’s vibrant indie music scene, is a dynamic artist who infuses every track with profound emotion and rich musicality. His latest release, “Jaanley,” is a testament to his artistic evolution, seamlessly blending pop and soul to create a resonant love anthem. Siddhant not only writes his own lyrics but also delivers them with a palpable passion that makes the song deeply personal and relatable.

The collaboration with Pratham Sheth in “Jaanley” amplifies the song’s impact, as they blend their expertise to produce a sound that is both intricate and inviting. The song’s composition, coupled with skillful mixing and mastering, ensures that each beat resonates with the listener, embodying a sound as smooth as it is emotive.

Siddhant’s musical influences are eclectic, drawing from the soulful melodies of Jagjit Singh to the energetic beats of Sonu Nigam, and even incorporating elements from iconic western bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Eagles, and The Scorpions. This diverse musical backdrop enriches his sound, allowing him to craft songs that are both unique and familiar, resonating with a global audience.

With a string of successful tracks such as “Kacchi Raahon Pe,” “Jazbaat,” “Pari,” and “Farishtey,” Siddhant has established a strong following. His music videos quickly gather views, reflecting his growing popularity, and his inclusion on Spotify’s “Naya Indiestaan” playlist highlights his status as a significant figure in the indie music landscape. Moreover, his presence on 93.5 Red FM across 37 cities underscores his widespread appeal and recognition.

Siddhant Goenka’s music goes beyond mere entertainment; it aims to connect deeply with listeners, evoke strong emotions, and bring people together through the power of melody and words. His work invites listeners to not just hear but feel the music, making each experience of his songs deeply personal and engaging. So, for those ready to immerse them in a musical journey filled with passion and soul, Siddhant Goenka’s “Jaanley” promises to be a memorable addition to their playlist.

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