Safe trading in the currency market in India- Ahmad Qutaishat, Sales Director, VT Markets

New Delhi (India), March 29: In terms of trading volume, foreign exchange is possibly the largest market in the financial world. While decentralized systems and global currency networks allow a continuum of transactions and trading, they also make the market extremely volatile.

However, due to the vast number of continuous transactions, the forex market is also considered the most liquid market. This is what makes it so attractive to traders. Although the rapid rise and fall in currency rates implies a higher risk of losses, they also make for better profits in bullish times.

Therefore, in order to sustain profits, it is crucial to adopt safe trading practices in the currency market. This applies to the Indian currency trade environment as well. According to Ahmad Qutaishat, Sales Director, VT Markets, here are 5 keys to safe trading strategies that can help support and boost your transactional profits.

1. Learn basic forex trading regulations

Beginners should take the time to learn regulations and understand the basics of forex market trading in India. Researching and self-education help beginners focus on managing risk factors and applying safety measures. Choose a reputable financial adviser or broker, consistently verify regulatory compliance and use secure trading accounts.

2. Small beginnings

To gain some market experience, it is useful to open a demo/practice account before investing capital. This helps you experience the market and understand what works best for your money situation by making more informed decisions.

3. Maintain a trading journal

While monitoring the profit/loss position in the market it is also vital to keep track of all your own trading activity. Keeping a log of all your trades will provide a broad overview that helps you understand the market better and also align your strategies for better profits, by showing you where and how your money performed best and where it fell short of expectations. Therefore, you will be less prone to repeating trading mistakes and can reduce potential losses.

4. Keep yourself informed about geopolitical factors

By tracking geopolitical situations and developments such as war or natural disasters, you will know the trends that affected trades in those regions, and help you frame a more sustainable strategy. By keeping up with national and international economic and political developments, you can make better trading decisions.

5. Avoid emotional trading

Use your better judgment. Volatility is built into the forex trading market. Rapid and sudden fluctuations in price levels might compel you to adopt changes of strategies in your trading plans to maintain profits.

However, avoid getting carried away by transitory trends, no matter how attractive they appear in the short term. Therefore, use self-appropriate time-frames and focus on trading only what you can comfortably afford to lose.

6. Choose the appropriate stop-loss levels

Probably the most frequently given advice in the currency market is that you need to choose the right level for stop loss to protect your trading account from heavy losses. Do research; be rational and logical when deciding which of several methods to use for deciding the correct stop loss level.

The Foreign exchange market can be exciting and risky to trade in. Nevertheless, if you can understand it in depth, its inbuilt volatility makes it an enticing space for trading. However, some things can only be learned through first-hand experience. The more time you spend trading in the market, the better will be your ability to set achievable financial goals for passive income.

Keep in mind these safety rules and give a kick-start to your trading journey.

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