MBA Business Analytics Placements 2024: Top 5 Emerging Profiles

New Delhi (India), March 7: The number of successful career options measures the credibility of a particular course it can provide its enrollers with, and the  MBA Program in Business Analytics is not an exception. The rising popularity behind this certification is because of the several demanding jobs it can offer. In this article, we have handpicked five of the most important job profiles you can opt for once you become certified.

The Five Job Profiles That Have An Increasing Demand 

Dealing with various analytics and making the most of it is the backbone of a flourishing business to a certain extent. This course deals with accumulating data, analyzing them, and thus utilizing them to build effective strategies, which is why it has become a favorite among business owners. Let us guide you through the five different job options.

  • Data Analyst

As the name suggests, a data analyst collects different data on market logistics, sales numbers, profit and loss, etc., and analyzes them to look for loopholes in the strategies. They play a fundamental role in maximizing profits and minimizing the loss of a business by drawing important business decisions. This is one of the most important PGDM(MBA^) Placement options that you can choose. 

As an efficient data analyst, you must be able to derive important insight and information from the extensive data present. Also, you must suggest useful and unique business strategies and plans based on the data to help the business expand holistically. 

  • Marketing Analyst

The two fundamental components that lay a strong foundation of a successful business are the type of product or service it provides and how cost-effective it is. The marketing analyst in a company supervises whether the company’s products and services are beneficial to the consumers. It also checks whether the purpose of the product or service is being fulfilled. They also decide their target audience and ensure they can utilize the products to their needs. 

Some of the fundamental skills recruiters search for in a marketing analyst are analytical, computer, and organizational skills, critical thinking, and market research. 

MBA Business Analytics Placements 2024: Top 5 Emerging Profiles - PNN Digital
  • Business Consultant 

Apart from the department-wise supervision, there needs to be one body of officials that will decide the efficiency of the overall workforce and offer their expert advice to them; the business consultants perform this job. They usually have critical knowledge and experience in that industry and impart expert advice to the senior teams such as Human Resources Management, Operations, Sales and Marketing, etc. They help a business to stand out from the others in the competition. 

For a business to flourish, the appointed business consultant must be able to think creatively and practically, analyze critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, manage teams, and engage in appreciable leadership. 

  • Data scientist

A proper segregation of the accumulated data is required before analyzing it. With a proper arrangement of data, deriving useful insight from it can become a manageable task. A data scientist brings about this organization, which aids a data analyst in appreciably analyzing the data and developing unique business strategies and plans. They manage dashboards and create reports, data mining, processing, and visualization to segregate the data accordingly. 

As a data scientist, you must have seven major skills: database management and data wrangling, data visualization, cloud computing, interpersonal skills, programming, machine learning, deep learning, etc.

  • Financial Analyst

A business’ financial matters are larger than can be imagined. They are not limited to only profits and losses. Other fields in finance, such as investments, tax returns, payroll processing, etc., are equally important. A financial analyst collectively handles these matters. They analyze a company’s profits and losses and advise profitable investments in stocks or bonds. Also, they help with tax computations along with other internal financial matters. As a financial analyst, you should be able to perform activities like financial modeling, communication, forecasting, budgeting, leadership, accounting, communication, reporting, etc. 

JIMS’s MBA business analytics program comprehensively fulfills the required skills mentioned above in each career option. The course modules of this B-School include proper lessons and masterclasses that give you an in-depth learning experience. It also gives an idea of the real world with its real-life problems and how you can profitably solve them.  

Wrapping Up

The MBA business analytics program is extremely demanding and has witnessed many candidates because of the many jobs it offers right after the degree. Needless to say, in an era where businesses of all magnitudes are appearing, the need for these profiles and, thus, the course will only witness a sharp rise and definitely not a decline. 


What is the duration of the PGDM(MBA^) course at JIMS Technical Campus?

It takes two years to complete the course, and the course is available only in the offline format.

Who are the recruiting partners of JIMS?

The institution has a wide range of recruiters like Amazon, Flipkart, ITC, FedEx, MRF, Deloitte, TCS, Nestle and many more. 

What is its position among the NIRF Ranked B-School

It has been acclaimed as one of the top 100 management institutions in India for eight consecutive years. 

How highly is the institution accredited?

JIMS is accredited with An ‘A++’ grade by NAAC. NBA has also credited it for providing excellent and ulterior quality of education. 

What are the minimum and maximum salary packages?

The salary packages vary from 9LPA to 22LPA

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